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“What is the “CECA Provincial/Territory Licensing Directory” and how can it help you access the means to carry out business throughout Canada?”

CECA has developed a web-based resource which allows you to easily access information, through links and points of contact, in each Canadian province and territory relating specifically to electrical licensing requirements, requirements to conduct business, governing legislation/regulations, and other related web-sites and resources.

“How easy is it to use?”

Simply click on a province or territory on the locator map above and you will be immediately linked to headings relating to the areas cited above. Click on the heading which describes the specific information (highlighted in blue) you wish to access and “voila”.

Remember, the intention of this directory is to provide CECA members with a “Roadmap” for accessing electrical licensing and business requirements across the country. For updates/changes to information and/or requirements please consult with the provincial/territorial “Point of Contact(s)” provided. They are best suited to ensure the accuracy of licensing and business requirements.

Please note: In order to give you a “Snapshot” of licensing requirements, an “Overview to Jurisdictional Licensing” link is provided for each province/territory. To access each specific overview, click on selected province/territory on the locator map.