The National Electrical Trade Council (NETCO)

Blended Learning


Blended learning reaches beyond the textbook, incorporating advanced technology in all aspects of training. Blended learning enables students to continue training remotely, bridging the gap between the on-site requirements of apprenticeship and learning in the classroom.


In partnership with the U.S.-based electrical training ALLIANCE™ (ALLIANCE), NETCO is promoting the use of new blended learning technologies in Canada's electrical industry.


In May 2015, NETCO conducted a hands-on blended learning demonstration in Toronto for 27 industry organizations identified as early adopters. In 2016, efforts are underway to map tasks in the Red Seal Occupational Standards for the Construction Electrician and Powerline Technician trades to the online resources that support related skills training. The ALLIANCE’s Blended Learning platform combines face-to-face instruction with virtual simulations, interactive exercises and real-world scenarios followed up with instant assessment and feedback.


The annual Canadian Apprenticeship Forum and NETCO training conference in June, 2016 will provide further opportunities to explore blended learning options for the Canadian electrical industry.


Blended learning encourages instructors and students to connect online, making training available wherever the trainee is located. Blended Learning also enhances classroom time, as instructors can spend time on hands-on instruction rather than reviewing homework.